The Orphan Syndrome

“Learn how to break free from the bondage of the orphan syndrome and find your home in God as his son or daughter.”  Dr. Nick outlines the symptoms of a wounded orphan spirit vs. a healthy spirit and how an orphan spirit affects our relationships and ability to receive love. From alienation, disconnection, and restlessness, to an inability to sense God’s love, the syndrome is characterized by the lie that says, “You’re on your own.” Dr. Nick provides dynamic, real-life examples of individuals who have struggled with this syndrome, and those who have been healed and transformed by the love of God.

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Today many believers feel like they belong to the church of crisis rather than the church that Christ redeemed with His shed blood. We are all deeply affected by incidents beyond our control, that have caused us pain.This seminar draws from the deepest healing streams – spiritual, psychological and physical (spirit, soul, and body) to offer tools to help us heal. We will define trauma, explore the different types and present the barriers to healing. Our goal ultimately is to help participants find healing and restoration under the blessing of FIRST LOVE! Own the latest powerful seminar where Dr. Nick offers tools for the deepest healings from any traumatic event in your life.

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My prayer is that you choose to surrender your deepest hurts to God and allow his love to penetrate and abide in your heart. That way you can become a vital part of the healing community that fulfills Jesus’ test of true discipleship.

-Dr. Nick Eno


From Trauma To Transformation Seminar
October 14, 2017
Frankfurt Book Fair
October 11 – 15, 2017
AJC Decatur
September 6, 2017
American Library Association Conference
June 23 – June 26, 2017

Brother Nick understands–personally–the wounds we experience on this side of Heaven. He’s been gifted the knowledge of how to fill those wounds with the Gospel, which is the Love of Christ. He shares this wisdom with us so we can experience the wholeness we are meant to encounter in our lives. The Orphan Syndrome affects more of us than we realize and it manifests in very different ways. Check out this book if you want to be reminded who you are and WHOSE you are!

Mick Anderson